1. Do I need any special tools or training to install Speed of Air® Hyperformance Pistons™?

Answer : No. We provide detailed installation instructions for your new Hyperformance PistonsTM; however, they are installed like any OE piston.

2. Will SOA pistons cause OBD codes?

Answer : No. We have not experienced any On Board Diagnostic (OBD) faults set by a vehicle with OBD II.

3. Do I have to replace anything else in my engine?

Answer : This depends on the mileage/hours on the engine. In all cases, we suggest inspecting all parts for wear and condition by a qualified engine rebuilder.

4. How much fuel will I save?

Answer: Fuel savings are greatly dependent on factors such as: maintenance, engine application, altitude and temperature, idle time and driver habits. On average, our customers experience fuel savings greater than 20%.

5. Will installing SOA pistons allow me to remove my DPF?

Answer: We can only recommend that all emission equipment remain on the vehicle as delivered by the manufacturer.

6. Do I have to custom tune my engine to get the most benefit?

Answer: No. Speed of Air® Hyperformance PistonsTM will perform well in a stock tuned engine. However, we recommend custom tuning to gain the maximum efficiency from your engine. Our website provides a tuning guide and you should always consult with an experienced tuner of your choice prior to making any alterations to your vehicle’s programming.

7. What comes in the box?

Answer: Our Speed of Air® Hyperfomance PistonTM kits are shipped with pistons, rings, wrist pins and clips.

8. Will my engine last longer with Hyperformance PistonsTM?

Answer: Your Hyperformance PistonsTM will last until your next overhaul. The number of hours/miles you will achieve largely depends on the quality of the maintenance over the life of the engine. With scheduled services performed regularly, your engine may see extended life as high as 30% or more.

9. How are my service intervals affected when using Hyperformance PistonsTM?

Answer: Speed of Air® Hyperformance PistonsTM allow for a more complete combustion process, which in turn reduces soot deposits in your engine lubricating oil. For a well-maintained engine, we recommend extending your oil change intervals by 50% after your break-in period.




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